Extra Power Skirting heating

Applying the laws of physics, Climaboard® skirting heating takes advantage of “the Coanda effect“, in which the tendency of a moving fluid, either liquid or gas, is to attach itself to a surface and flow along it. 

Hence, Climaboard® is usually mounted inside rooms on the exterior walls where the warm air generated at skirting board level rises following the surface of the wall. This thin layer of hot air forms an insulating layer over the walls.

The walls in turn absorb heat and then homogeneously release heat radiation into the room.Comfort is felt within the room even at relatively low air temperature making the system extremely cost-effective. FlyerClimaboarden_3_0003

Climaboard® is a heating system that reacts very quickly compared to most underfloor systems, heating rooms starting from the coldest point, providing maximum comfort at a lower than average temperature. Unlike radiator systems, it does not waste energy creating unnecessary hot spots directly above the radiators.

Nor does it induce powerful drafts that can make warmer temperatures feel relatively cool due to the latent heat principle.