Academic study gives “thumbs up” to Climaboard skirting heating

A recent independent academic study comparing several heating systems was carried out as part of a Masters Degree course by Arefeh Hesaraki and Mersedeh Sammak attending Mälardalen University, Sweden under the supervision of Robert öman.

The students looked objectively at glass panel radiators, under floor systems and both radiant and convector type skirting heating systems and found that Climaboard® scored highly in every respect, satisfying “users in both energy and aesthetic point of view”. They were in fact quite hard pressed to find any disadvantages save for the possibility of having insufficient wall space in some sitations – a problem now solved with Climaboard® Power Plus and DUO versions.

International Standards support the findings

The students’ findings show clearly the relevance of  International Standard ISO 7730 and American National Standard ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 55, two well-researched standards used by professionals such as architects, heating consultants and property developers to determine what heating (and cooling) provisions should be made for new buildings.

To read the full report, please check this link:  Report
You will find Climaboard® mentioned specifically (recognise the picture?) on page 15.